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There comes a time in every couple's relationship where the sex has become a little less exciting, possibly even boring if that can be said bluntly. Just because sex has become boring does not mean that the couple has fallen out of love, it just means that they have exhausted all the different things that they can do to make their sex life more exciting.

This is where an escort in Darwin for couples can help. Here on Skissr, we have a list of female escorts for couples. These ladies are professionals, skilled at their craft in providing the best sex services to couples who are wanting to spice up their sex life. Hiring an escort to bring into a relationship can be a scary experience, and rightly so. Scary in the sense that it's not something that you may have ever done before. It is a big thing to have a threesome with a partner who you have been with a  long time and that's why we think you should only hire a professional escort for couples. All the ladies you find on Skissr are professionals, these are the ladies you should hire to have the most amazing threesome experience with your partner.

Escorts For Couples: Why Skissr Escorts?

Our escorts for couples in Darwin are not the run-of-the-mill escorts who just meet couples. These ladies are very skilled at what they do and have been providing adult services for couples in Darwin for several years. Some people might think that a couple of escorts are just the same as an escort who provides services to single men but this is not true at all. When working with couples you need to be a lot more switched on to make sure that the man and the woman are having equal fun. 

They can read the client's vibes and quickly access whether what they are doing is hitting the spot or not. Our escorts are great at being able to break the ice before getting naked. It's very important to feel totally at ease and this will always be our escort's goal. Once the couple is feeling relaxed, then the rest is easy. They are also great at time management. From the beginning to the end you won't have to worry about talking too much or wasting time. They will be able to plan your booking out and go with the flow to make sure that everything you want to experience can happen within the allocated time.

Escorts for couples: Top tips

Discuss with your partner beforehand if there are any rules to your evening.

Bring your own condoms if there are some that you feel most comfortable wearing.

Communicate with your escort, and tell her anything you want to try or avoid.

If you're nervous have a drink or two beforehand, but don't overdo it. You want to be in good form.

Have a safe word so that if you want a breather you can call a time-out.

Understand that everything is purely physical and your escorts just want you to have fun. 


Escorts For Couples: Things To Avoid

Don't book a start date, we recommend 2 hours. 1hr drinks + 1hr play.

Don't arrive at the booking drunk otherwise you may not perform your best.

Don't forget to shower before your big date.

Don't forget to pay the escort on arrival, if not done already.

Don't try and take any photos or videos without her permission.

Don't arrive late for the booking and be ready to finish up on time in the end. 


The Best Positions for 3 people

Double Cowgirl: 

While one partner straddles your waist and junk in a traditional cowgirl position, the other straddles your face allowing you to go down on them. The person sitting on your face can straddle you either way, but it’s typically better if they straddle you while facing the other partner, so they, too, can kiss and touch each other if they want.

The Doggy Train: 

You’re the “caboose” of this train, penetrating your partner's doggy style. The middle partner is then either digitally penetrating or eating out the head of the train, who’s also on their knees, bent forward in a classic doggy style position.

Double Oral

Your two partners are on their knees in front of you, both blowing you at the same time. Pro tip: It’s best if one blower focuses on your balls while the other focuses on your penis. Depending on if you’re into it, one partner could be on their knees, rimming you from behind while the other person goes down on you from the front.

Doggy Deluxe

You’re having sex with the first partner doggy style. The third partner is lying on their back positioned in a manner that allows the middle person to go down on them.

Eiffel Tower

The partner in the middle gets penetrated from behind and performs a BJ at the same time. I'm personally not into touching both hands at the top to create the appearance of the Eiffel Tower, but if you feel the urge, I’m not going yuck your yum.

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