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Anal sex as we know is where a sexual partner will insert their penis into one’s anus instead of the vagina. To perform and enjoy this type of sex maximally, certain guidelines must be followed which will allow you and your escort of choice to have the best possible experience with anal sex.

Do you want to hire a female escort in Darwin who offers anal services? Here you can find some of the hottest and most experienced escorts who offer anal services in Darwin. The anal services you find listed on Skissr come from many different types of escorts who provide anal in unique ways. These escorts listed enjoy anal sex, and they understand that when done properly, it can be extremely pleasurable for wanting men. 

Anal sex remains one of the favorite sexual activities of many males today. It is highly desired because of its naughty characteristics and it is something that you have the opportunity to try right here on Skissr. It’s super kinky and can give the escort intense orgasms while providing you with intense pleasure at the same time. 

Men for some reason or another have a strong desire to have anal sex with women and the number of searches we get through Skissr for men requesting this service is on the rise year on year. Studies have shown that anal sex is up there with the most requested sexual services in Darwin.

Anal Sex: How to find an escort

Our anal sex service in Darwin allows you, the client to fulfill one of your most naughty sexual fantasies which are doing anal or doggy with beautiful women at the drop of a hat. To hire any of the escorts on Skissr all you need to do is pick one of the ladies from the list on our anal page. These girls are the women who provide this service, it’s best not to contact another escort who does not provide this service shown on her profile. 

Anal Sex: Top tips

Here are some top tips to enjoy the most amazing anal sex with escorts on Skissr.

Anal sex must be done using a condom as this offers protection to the health of both escorts and clients.

Lubrication is important during this type of sex as it ensures maximum pleasure and a minimum level of pain.

You can prep your escort anal with your tongue and your fingers if this is something that turns you both on.

Always remember that anal sex is different from vagina sex, so be gentle and go easy

Communication is the key, ask her how she is feeling, and in turn, she will want to know if you are enjoying it.

Anal Sex: Things To Avoid

As fun as anal sex can be, some things should be avoided so that you and your escort have the best possible time.

You should not have anal sex without a condom as the risk associated with getting infections are high.

You must give an escort notice of anal sex so she can prepare herself beforehand. Don’t expect it if you ask at the last minute.

Don’t rush penetration, anal sex is about taking it slow and gentle before going up a gear.
Make sure to use plenty of lube so that you can avoid those friction burns. 

Make sure to try and not penetrate her too deeply, as this could result in pain or even injury.

The Best Positions 


You kneel on top, pushing off your partner's chest and sliding up and down their thighs. You can relieve some of your weight from their pelvis by leaning back and supporting yourself on their thighs.


A sex position in which the penetrated partner is on all fours while the other partner kneels behind. 

The chair

This is a position where you are sitting on a chair and your partner will sit facing you. She will place her hands around your neck and will place her legs around the back of you. 


 This is a great position as it allows you both to lay in bed comfortably. He can move his leg in between yours so he can easily slide into your bum.

On the floor: 

This position where the escort can lay face down on the floor with her legs open. You will position yourself over her body so that her bum is over your penis where you can penetrate her.

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