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San Francisco escorts, who  are they and where can I find them? San Francisco escorts are professional sex workers who provide their time in return for money. We have the biggest selection of San Francisco for men & couples right here.

So you are looking for San Francisco escorts right? Well, congrats on finding your way to the best escort directory in the city of San Fran. Skissr is an escort directory that features the best San Francisco escorts that you can find. Not just do we have the biggest selection of San Fran escorts but we also have the biggest selection of adult services for men and couples. You can find absolutely everything that you could imagine on our escort directory, adult services from threesomes to dinner dates to hook up's and even pornstar services.

Before we show you all these professional escorts in San Francisco we first want to provide you with everything that you will need to know about searching, booking, and meeting San Fran escorts. We have created this guide on everything you need to know from the prices, and services to how to book one of our escorts. This is a one-stop-shop guide on San Fran escorts and everything you need to know. Let's begin!

The first questions that might come to mind when you are searching for escorts in San Fran are; 

How can I find the top escorts in San Francisco?

Can I find local San Francisco escorts near me?

How to book escorts for couples in San Francisco?

How to book an escort if it's my first time?

Types of dates for you and your San Francisco escort.

What is an independent escort in San Francisco?

Should I hire a San Francisco escort for a threesome?


Escort services San Fran

What types of escort services are available in San Fran & how much are they?

You can find escort services from happy ending massages to threesomes.

Escort prices in San Fran range from $250 right up to $1800 per hour.

Hiring our adult services can be a little daunting if it's your first time hiring an escort. There are so many different escorts all offering different types of services, that it can be pretty hard to work out which service to pick and for how long. Maybe are unsure of how it all works? The first questions that you should be asking yourself when you are wanting to hire our escorts are;

What type of escort service as you looking for?

Where do you want this to happen?

When do you want this to happen?

As we mentioned we are the biggest suppliers of escorts and adult services in San Fran city. We have over 300 of the best escorts who are waiting for your call. These escorts all provide different services, in-fact we have over 30 different types of adult services for men and couples, so finding one that suits your needs should not be an issue.  Here are some of the adult services you can find on our website.

Dinner dates.

Overnight stays.

Fly me to you.

Escorts for couples.

Online services.

Social dates.

Quick hookups.

The most popular date by far is the hook-up service. This escort date usually lasts for 1-2hrs and can take place at your location or the escorts. You can find our escorts offering hook-ups as short as 15min if you are really in a rush or they can last up to 3hrs no issue. The average cost of this service is about $500ph. If you are wanting to make an evening of it with your San Fran escort then you can always inquire about a dinner date. Dinner dates are normally the last 3hrs and you both can get dressed up and go out for dinner and drinks before spending some naughty time back at your place or hers.

If a few hours in the evening is still not enough for you then you should look at an escort on Skissr who offers overnight dates. These are very popular and usually start around 8 pm. The evening will pretty much start the same as the dinner date but you both have the bonus of being able to spend a full night together. Overnight dates normally last 12hrs and will cost you in the region of $5,000 excluding expenses.  We also have escorts in San Fran who offer services like social dates or ‘rent a girlfriend’ if you need a plus 1 to bring to a work function or family event. 


Local escorts in San Fran

What are local escorts & how can I find them?

On Skissr we have over 20 of the hottest local San Fran escorts.

You can find our local escorts in suburbs such as Alameda & Hayward.

San Francisco is a party town, full of amazing bars, clubs, hotels, and places to eat. If you are visiting the city and you have decided to hire a professional escort from Skissr then we would highly suggest that you book one of our local escorts. We are the first to admit that hiring an escort can be a little stressful as you will be wanting the evening to be as perfect as possible. Why not hire a local escort and she will be able to help you pick the best place to eat, sleep, and have a drink. Our local escorts know the city very well and will always be able to point you in the right direction.

If you are a local in San Francisco yourself and you know the city well, then you should consider hiring one of our touring or FMTY escorts. These are escorts who are from other parts of the country and have come to this stunning city to work. Touring escorts are always in high demand for the exceptional services that they bring with them.  These are some of the, but not limited to escorts you can find touring in San Fran;

Asian escorts

Black escorts

European escorts

Australian escorts

Pornstar escorts

South American escorts


San Francisco escort agencies

What are San Fran escort agencies & how do I book them?

San Fran escort agencies are companies that manage sex workers.

You can hire a San Fran escort agency from our resources page.

Our escort directory in San Fran does not contain any escorts from an agency, apart from the escort agencies on our resources page of course. All of the escorts who advertise on Skissr are independent escorts, this simply means that they are self-employed. Hiring an escort from an agency does have some benefits such as that the agency will interview all girls before taking them on to check if they are up to the job. Agencies also tend to operate 24hrs a day so it won't be hard to contact one at any time and have them send you an escort. 

While they do have some good points we would recommend that you hire our independent escorts. The bonus of hiring independent escorts in San Fran is that you can speak to the escort directly before confirming a booking. This allows you both to discuss and confirm any details that need to be discussed prior. We can also assure you that when you hire independent escorts in San Fran from Skissr that we have verified every one of our advertisers.  When you hire an independent escort the cost may be slighter higher than hiring from an agency.


Escorts for couples in San Fran

Where can I find escorts for couples in San Fran, and how does it work?

You can find the largest selection of San Fran escorts right here.

You just need to search for escorts for couples in San Fran.

One of the most popular escort services that we offer is escorts for couples. Many people might question why people would hire escorts, especially couples. While this is a pretty fair question, the answer is very simple. Many couples want to explore or spice up their sex life in a fun and friendly way. Hiring one of our escorts for couples in San Fran allows couples to be able to play and experiment in a safe and confident environment. Our escorts for couples in San Fran are professionals, the best of the best, ladies who want nothing more than to please you and your partner.

Many different dynamics can play out when you bring a female into your bedroom for fun. Maybe the man wants to watch his female partner with another woman, or maybe the female wants to watch her man with another woman? You could also have the situation where all 3 people going into a full-blown threesome. No matter how the evening unfolds we can promise an evening to remember. Hiring an escort for couples service will cost in the region of $800 per hour in San Fran.


Girlfriend experiences San Fran

What is a girlfriend experience and how do I have one?

A girlfriend experience is when you hire a woman to act as your girlfriend during a date.

We have 25 of the top escorts in San Fran who offer girlfriend experiences.

Now more than ever men are wanting more than a quick hook-up. The men on Skissr are looking for a fun-filled evening with a little more romance and attention. This is where the girlfriend experience comes into play. The girlfriend experience is exactly as it sounds. You hire an escort in San Fran to treat you like her boyfriend for the duration of your date. Kisses, cuddles, hand-holding, and romantic walks are everything that can be expected when you hire one of our escorts for a girlfriend experience. Girlfriend experiences are normally charged at the standard hourly rate.


Escorts near me San Fran 

We have over 200 escorts near me on Skissr.

When the time comes to hire an escort near me in San Fran, there are two things that you want to know. 

Where is the escort located?

How close is she to me?

We don't need to explain that hiring an escort near me in San Fran will save you time and travel costs on getting to your escort, or having her come to you. This is why hiring escorts near me is so popular in this city. To help you find the very best escorts near me we have created suburb pages. These suburb pages will allow you to easily search for escorts in your area. All you need to do is input a suburb on the main search bar and our adult directory will find all the escorts close to your location. 


How to hire an escort in San Fran?

The dos and don t's of hiring an escort here;

Do not ever ask her to change her prices.

Always shower before your booking.

Never turn up drunk or high on drugs.

Do not try and pressure her into anything to which she says no.

Respect her privacy at all times.

Pay on time before, or at the start of your booking.

Hiring one of our San Fran escorts may seem like an easy task but one that many men get wrong. All good business is done in the best faith and this is no different. Before you reach out to any of our escorts please make sure you have read the escort's etiquette and followed everything she says. Introduce yourself properly and supply her with all the information she needs to be able to accept or deny your booking.

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