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What are NY escorts and where can I find them you might be asking? New York escorts are fun high-class sex workers who provide their time in return for money. We have the biggest selection of NY escorts & adult services for men & couples. The big apple has a population of over 8 million people and with more than 800 languages spoken it's no wonder that we have the biggest selection of NY escorts anywhere in the USA. 

NY is sometimes known as the city that does not sleep, it has got its name from the endless amount of fun that one can have here with our NY escorts. Spend a fun evening dining on the best seafood at the best upscale restaurants, before drinking cocktails in the rooftop bars such as 230-fifth, and finish your night in a wonderful hotel like The Plaza. The girls love to go to these nice places, so don't forget to pick somewhere good.

On Skissr we do not just want to show you the best escorts in New York, we want to teach you how to find the best escorts, and how to contact, book, and meet these stunning call girls. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about NY escorts, from their prices to their adult services available and how to have the best possible time meeting New York escorts. So let's not waste any more time and get stuck right in!

The first questions that might come to mind when you are searching for escorts in New York are; 

How can I find the top escorts in New York?

Can I find local New York escorts near me?

How to book escorts for couples in New York?

How to book an escort if it's my first time?

Types of dates for you and your New York escort.

What is a private escort in New York?

Should I hire a New York escort for a threesome?


Escort services in New York

What types of escort services are available in New York & how much are they?

You can find escort services from BDSM to happy endings to threesomes.

Escort prices in New York range from $200 right up to $1500 per hour.

When you are in the process of booking someone you need to make sure you follow the appreciation process and let them know your physical location. Letting them know your physical location is important if you want to book an incall date as the escort will need to travel to you. If you email please remember to leave any phone numbers so the lady can contact you. You should be opened minded with our new york escorts in choosing a hotel of their choice.

The hotties on our website come from all different parts of the country. Their photos look like them in real life so don't worry about this while you browse the ads. They love to suck, squirt and fuck to keep you satisfied. If you see their faces covered in their photos it's because they want to be discreet. We do not allow escort reviews on our website as people should not be objectified to reviews. They also do not offer bareback so you must accept this and not ask them.

As we mentioned we have the biggest selection of escort services in New York. Our ladies are professional, high-class escorts who want nothing more than to show you an amazing time. Now you have found yourself on the best adult directory in New York, where do you go from here? Well, there are some important questions which you should be asking yourself.

What type of escort service as you looking for?

Where do you want this to happen?

When do you want this to happen?

As we mentioned we have the biggest selection of adult services in New York. Here are just some of the adult services you can find here for men and couples.

Dinner dates.

Overnight stays.

Fly me to you.

Escorts for couples.

Online services.

Social dates.

Quick hookups.

Now that you have picked which type of service you are wanting to hire, you need to work out where this will happen? The main two choices will be if you are wanting to book an in-call or out-call date. An in-call booking is where you got to the escort's location and an out-call booking is where she will go to your location. 

In-call hook-ups are the most common type of date that men will book from NY escorts. These dates generally last 1-2hrs but can be as short as 15min if you are really in a rush, or up to 3 or 4hrs if time is not of the essence. Dinner dates will normally last around 4hrs. This allows you both to go out for a few drinks and then have a meal and dessert, which may be back at your hotel. Happy ending massages are normally 1hour, this will start as a normal massage and then the sexual part will come at the end if you're lucky. 

Fly me to you dates with NY escorts will normally be a min of 12 hours which is the same as an overnight date. You should remember that when hiring any of these adult services in NY that the client will pick up the bill every time. This includes hotels, airfares, uber's and things such as food and drink consumed throughout the evening.

On our website, you will see plenty of queens who desire to make your date as sweet as possible. No matter which person you choose from our website we know you will be satisfied. We just hope that you will be as discreet as our escorts as everyone wants their privacy. 

Skissr is a place where female escorts can deliver an escort service that is the best you can find. You can read blogs, and reply to live updates, among many more things. All the posted advertisements of any independent escort are real and they are available today. Escort listings may show explicit sexual content so you need to be over 18 years to view our website. Age and content standards apply. Come fulfill your wildest fantasies and enjoy a hot reliever from day-to-day life, your good hard cock would love nothing more. 

Local escorts in New York

Where are all the local escorts in NY & how can I find them?

On Skissr we have over 50 of the best local NY escorts.

You can find our local escorts in suburbs such as Wilshire, Bel Air & Santa Monica.

New York City is a mixture of excitement, glamour, and naughty pleasure. With many stylish bars, clubs, and hotels across the city, exploring NY to one ultimate satisfaction may prove a little difficult without the help of our local escorts. Hiring a local escort in New York is the best way to enjoy all the hidden gems that the city has to offer. Want to have hot sex in a hotel Jacuzzi or romantically kiss on a rooftop bar, our local escorts in NY know just where to take you!

No one is denying that hiring an escort in New York can be stressful, epically if this is your first time. So hire our local escorts now and give yourself one less thing to worry about. You will find plenty of local escorts who are opened minded and willing to show you a good time, even if just for one time. Open-minded means they are willing to try and please you according to your desires, but you should always respect the boundaries of each escort. Female escorts will not tolerate anything that tries to cross their boundaries. Hiring an escort service is like hiring any professional service, you should be respectful at all times.

New York escort agencies

What is an escort agency in NY & where can I find one?

A NY escort agency is a business that manages a group of sex workers/escorts.

You can find escort agencies in NY on our resources page.

The NY escorts who advertise on our adult directory are independent escorts only. Independent escort means they do not work for an agency and are fully self-employed. We are not an escort agency and we do not allow agencies to advertise on our escort directory. Hiring an independent escort has many benefits such as allowing the client to communicate with the escort directly before booking her. This way everything can be agreed upon before meeting up so there is no confusion on the evening of your date which could spoil the mood.

Agencies do not provide clients the opportunity to call and speak with the escort directly, this is to the disadvantage of the client because the escort who arrives may not offer the service which the client wants. Sometimes the agency may send different escorts to the client has requested online. Saying that we are sure that there are professional and well-run escort agencies in NY, you just need to make sure you find the right one. This is why you should use our escort service, all our ladies at queens at their job.


Escorts for couples in New York

What are escorts for couples and how do I find them?

Escorts for couples are sex workers who provide adult services to couples.

We have over 15 of the best escorts for couples in NY.

If you are a naughty couple looking to hire a NY escort for some bedroom fun then you are in the right place. We have some of the hottest and most exciting escorts for couples in the big apple. Our ladies have over 10 years of experience in providing adult services to couples all over the city. So no matter if this is something that you both do every month, or if it is your first time, don't worry we got you covered here on Skissr.

Some people might ask why couples hire escorts in New York, and it's a valid question too. Couples here hire our escorts because they want to spice up their sex life and try something new, something new in a controlled environment with a professional sex worker. No matter if you want to watch your husband with another woman, or maybe the husband wants to watch his wife have some girl-on-girl action, we have ladies who can meet your needs. Couples' experiences normally last 1 -2 hours and will cost around $800per hour. 

Girlfriend experiences New York

What is a girlfriend experience and how do I have one?

NY girlfriend experiences are when you hire an escort to act like a girlfriend.

We have over 50 of the best girlfriend experiences here in NYC.

Not all men in NY want to have a quick hook-up, some want to spend longer with their female escort of choice. When time nor money is an issue most men seem to show interest in hiring a girlfriend experience in New York. Girlfriend experiences are exactly as they seem, it's where you pay a female escort to act like your girlfriend and treat you like her boyfriend. All of the posted advertisements will use offer a GFE date but you should confirm this with your lady of the night. The independent escort on hand will have her services listed on her profile so be sure to check there what she is offering. If she does not offer an adult service that you want, you can always reach out and ask her if she will wanna fulfill your fantasy for some extra dollars.

If you want to find fun opened minded independent escorts with soft skin then we have plenty of these babes in Manhattan. Guys don't miss out on a sensual massage from a professional escort. You can also find a sweet escort who can make your hot fantasies come true, like doing anal with the person of your choice. Guys, what are you waiting for, book an outcall babe now and step into your erotic dreams.

You get everything that you could imagine with the most romantic couples. Kisses, holding hands, cuddles, and all the romantic things people get to experience when they are with that perfect partner. Girlfriend experiences in NY normally last around 2-3hours and range around $600 for each hour. If you want to hire this service then check out our large list of escorts and companions who will make you feel like the most important man in the world today.

Escorts near me NYC

Where are escorts near me and how do I find them?

We have escorts located all over the city.

You can find escorts near me in areas such as Greenwich, Sayville, and Cranford.

When you are wanting to hire any of our escorts in NY you will be wanting to find escorts near me. These are sex workers who are close to your suburb and which you can meet in a very short space of time. This is why we have built out our suburbs section on our website. When you are looking for escorts near me just search for your suburb and this will show you all the escorts close to your location. Finding an escort near me on Skissr will not only shorten travel time and expenses but will allow you to find someone who is in your area.


High-class New York escorts

What are high-class escorts?

High-class escorts are women who provide premium services.

How do I book escorts in NY?

Skissr is a high-class escort platform that shows only the best escorts in NY city. If you are looking for premium, high-class, and elite escorts then you will find all of those right here. High-class escorts are sex workers who provide special services at a premium cost. When you find your high-class escort of choice you might be wondering how you book an escort. So here are some important steps on how to book an escort in NY.

Check her prices are suitable for you.

Check her area to see where she lives.

Check to see if she offers the services you require.

Read her contact info before reaching out.

Follow her etiquette of engagement.

Once you have followed these steps you can reach out to your escort of choice and take things from there. Please remember you are reaching out to a professional service and treat all of our escorts with respect at all times. If you be rude or disrespectful in any way you can expect to get blocked or have your booking terminated without a refund.

An independent escort is self-employed meaning they choose their own rules which you must follow. All the escort listings on Skissr are from an independent escort. You should know that our website may contain explicit sexual content and should only be viewed if you are 18+.


Escort directory NY

What is an escort directory in New York?

An escort directory is a website that shows adult services.

We are the biggest & best adult directory in NY.

On our escort directory in New York, you can find many different types of adult services such as BDSM, happy ending massages, and escorts for men and couples. You can read escorts' blogs, client blogs, and even follow escorts. You can watch Vlogs, post live updates, and reply to escort photos. We are the best guide on how to find, hire and meet escorts in New York. We are the biggest and best website to find adult services in this city. Our female escorts provide an escort service that is the best that you can find in NYC. All the posted advertisements of service dripping wet sex and explicit sexual content such as nasty videos and escort profiles are all posted by the escorts themselves.

Please note that we heavily ensure that all the age and content standards meet the required law. Other illegal content and uploads of anything banned will be removed swiftly from our platform. We have a zero policy tolerance toward criminal activity. Please note our pretty sexy ladies do not provide anything like car fun so do not ask. They are professionals and must be treated as such.

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