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What are LA escorts and where can I find them? Our LA escorts are professional sex workers who provide sexual services in return for money. We are the biggest escort directory in LA to book high class escorts. Los Angeles (LA) is a city located in a basin in Southern California, close to the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by mountains as high as 10,000 feet. It is well known for it's exotic and glamorous lifestyle hence nicknamed ‘the city of Angels”. 

LA is the home of the internet and adult entertainment industry which is why we have a very large number of Los Angeles escorts for men and couples here. If you have found yourself on our website because you are wanting to hire adult services then we have got good news for you, we are the biggest escort directory in Los Angeles.

In this website we are going to explain how to find, book and meet the 25 best Los Angeles escorts the city has to offer. We will explain all the different types of adult services you can find here, from happy ending massages to dinner dates and escort for couples. We will explain how you book escorts, the prices that you can expect to pay, and the rules of engagement when hiring escorts. We will suggest some of the best hotels, bars and places to eat when you do choose to book one of our escorts. 

So welcome to Los Angeles escorts and our guide on adult services in LA. First up, here are some questions that might come to mind when you are searching for escorts in LA is: 

How can I find the top escorts in Los Angeles?

Can I find local Los Angeles escorts near me?

How to book escorts for couples in  Los Angeles?

How to book an escort if it's my first time?

Types of dates for you and your Los Angeles escort.

What is a independent escort in Los Angeles?

Should I hire an Los Angeles escort for a threesome?


Escort services Los Angeles

What types of escort services are available in LA  & how much do they cost?

You can find escort services from BDSM to happy endings to threesomes.

Escort prices in LA range from $200 right up to $1500 per hour.

So welcome again to Skissr, LA's biggest escort website for adult services. So now you find yourself on our platform and you are trying to work out where to go from here, not to worry! When hiring any adult service from our website you will need to work out the first and most basic question. Do you want to hire an in-call or out-call service?

An in-call service is when you go to the escorts location.

An out-call service is when she comes to your location.

Once you have worked out where and when the service will happen, then you need to work out which type of service you want to hire our escorts for? All the adult services in LA are for women an couples. Here is a list of the types of services which you can find on our website:

Dinner dates.

Overnight stays.

Fly me to you.

Escorts for couples.

Online services.

Social dates.

Quick hook ups.

The most popular choice for men is the hook-up date. A hook-up date with one of our escorts will normally last 1-2hours but can be as short as 15min if you are in a rush, or as long as 5hours if time is not of the essence. To book a hook up date your can expect to pay from $250 - $900 per hour. Other dates which are very popular are rent a girlfriend & couples. If you want to hire our escorts for longer then you can always enquire about an overnight date. These dates with our escorts in LA normally last 12 hours. You can go out for dinner and drinks, then spend a full naughty night together. 

When you hire any of our escorts you may be looking for tips on some of the best hotels, bars and restaurants to enjoy your escorts company. You could book a beautiful hotel such as the Freehand Los Angeles or sip cocktails in the stunning Tiki-ti before filling your tummy with food in the gorgeous République. These are really good suggestions and are sure to please your lady of the evening.


Local escorts Los Angeles

Where are the local escorts in LA & how to find them.

On Skissr we have 30 of the best local Los Angeles escorts.

You can find our local escorts in suburbs such as Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens.

If you are visiting LA for your first time or maybe you are someone who does not get out very often? Hiring our local LA escorts is a fantastic choice because our local escorts know the city like the back of your hand. We are the first to say that hiring an escort can be a little stressful, all the worries if the evening is going to go as planned and if the hotel will be up the standards. When you hire our local escorts they can always help you pick the best places to eat, sleep and drink so its one less thing for you to have to worry about. This is the top reason why people hire local escorts in Los Angeles.

LA escort agencies.

What is an escort agency in LA & where can I find one?

An escort agency in LA is a business that manages a group of escorts.

You can find escort agencies in LA right here on our resources page.

Another choice that you will come across when you are going to hire escorts in Los Angeles is if you want to hire independent escorts or escorts who work for an agency. An Independent escort is a woman who is fully self employed and an agency escort is someone who works for an agency. The disadvantages of hiring escorts who work for agencies is that you don't get the chance to speak to any of the escorts before meeting them, and sometimes you don't even get to see the escort who is coming over. This is certainly not good from a client point of view.

The benefits of hiring independent escorts from our website is that you get to speak to the escorts before confirming a booking. Here you will be able to let the escorts know what type of service you are looking for, when and where at. She will be able to answer any questions you may have which will result in everyone being happy and clear on what is being booked.

Escorts for couples in LA.

What are escorts for couples and how do I find them?

Escorts for couples are woman who provide adult services to couples.

We have 20 of the best escorts for couples in Los Angeles.

One of the most popular adult services that we have on our website is the ‘escorts for couples' date. So people might be asking why do couples see escorts, can they not have enough fun on their own? While this is a fair question it is one that is not answered with a simple answer. As with everything in life people have different levels of openness and some people are more open that others. You will find that many couples hire our escorts because it adds a different dynamic into their sex life. It allows them to explore and try new things in a safe and professional environment. 

If you are a couples and looking to hire an escort in LA for a couples service then we have over 30 of the best escorts for couples. The most common date length is 1-2hrs and you can expect to pay roughly $800 per hour for one of our escorts. You can hire a bi escort if you are wanting to try some female on female action, maybe you want to watch your husband with another woman or maybe you both want to have a full blown threesome with a professional escort. No matter what dynamic you choose we promise heaps of fun with your escorts for couples.

Girlfriend experiences Los Angeles

What is a girlfriend experience and how do I have one?

A girlfriend experience is when you hire an escort to act your like girlfriend.

We have over 20 of the best girlfriend experiences here in LA city.

Not all men who hire escorts are just looking for a quick f#uck. Some guys are looking for a more intimate, sensational and romantic experience with one of our Los Angeles escorts who provide girlfriend experiences. A girlfriend experience is just as it sounds, you would be pay a stunning high class escort to treat your like her boyfriend for an extended period of time. Bubbles baths, kisses, cuddles and holding hands is everything that you can expect to experience when you hire one of our escorts for a romantic girlfriend experience in LA.

Escorts near me Los Angeles

Where are escorts near me and how do I find them?

We have escorts located all over the city.

You can find escorts near me in areas such as Chino, Burbank & Hemet.

When the time comes to book an escort you will be looking for escorts who are near me and close to your location. Hiring an escort near me is a sensible decision because it cuts down time on travel and cost. We have over 50 of the best escorts near me, they are located all over the city of LA and can be found in suburbs such as Santa Ana, Pomona and Lake Forest. When you want to find an escort make sure you use our suburb pages to search for escorts near you. 

How to book an escort in LA?

Top tips on booking escorts.

You should never try and negotiate prices or terms.

You should be respectful and mannerly at all times.

Check her prices are suitable for you.

Check her area to see where she lives.

Check to see if she offers services you want.

Read her contact info before reaching out.

Follow her etiquette of engagement.

Some people might think that hiring an escort is the easiest part of the whole experience but this is quite strange as it is usually the part that most men and couples get wrong. Escorts in LA get many enquires from men each day, so it should come as no surprise that they will only want to choose the best. The best not being who they come from, but rather how they come and in what manner. If you want an escort to accept your booking request then it's important that you get off on the right foot. 

Please make sure to be respectful at all times, read the escorts profile in full and when you first get in contact make sure to introduce yourself properly. Letting her know the things which she requests in her etiquette such as your name, booking request and length will save you time and effort.


Escort directory Los Angeles.

What is an escort directory?

An escort directory is a website which show adult ads & services.

We are the biggest and most professional adult directory in LA city.

We are the central hub for escort services in Los Angeles. Here you can find things such as escort blogs, client blogs, an array of adult services for men and couples. You can find Australian, Asian, Black and European escorts. You can follow escorts, buy and sell adult toys and see escorts live updates. We hope you have enjoyed our how to guide on everything you need to know and how to hire, book and meet the best escorts that LA has to offer. 

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