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So what are Abu Dhabi escorts and where can I find them? Abu Dhabi escorts are ladies who provide their time & sexual services in return for money. We are the biggest escort directory with over 279 high-class Abu Dhabi escorts.  The name Abu Dhabi means 'Land of the Gazelle' in Arabic. The story goes that the emirate was founded when a young antelope led a wandering tribe to fresh water on an island with no more than 300 Barasti (palm frond) huts, a few coral buildings, and the Ruler's fort. That modest island settlement has since been transformed into the modern, cosmopolitan, high-rise capital of the United Arab Emirates. The gorgeous archipelago offers a mix of ancient history, rich culture and heritage, stunning nature, beautiful beaches, high-end luxury, surprising wildlife, family-friendly adventure, world-class shopping, renowned golf courses, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Our Abu Dhabi escorts have seen a steady increase in demand over the past 4 years. If you are a man or couple who is looking to hire one of our professional Abu Dhabi escorts then you are in safe hands. Skissr is a professional adult directory that showcases the biggest selection of escort services in the whole of Alberta. It's no wonder we have the most professional Abu Dhabi escorts here.

On our escort directory, you will find over 240 of the most popular Abu Dhabi escorts. These escorts offer many different types of services from escorts to couples to dinner dates and quick hookups. Skissr is not your normal adult directory which focuses on numbers rather than quality. All of our escorts in Abu Dhabi have been manually verified to check that they are suited to our platform.  All good business in the adult industry is done based on trust which is why we are the most popular website to hire Abu Dhabi escorts. 

Before we show you all our stunning escorts in Abu Dhabi we first want to provide you with everything you need to know about our Abu Dhabi escorts. You can read about adult services offered, their prices, how to hire an escort, and all the other important needs-to-know info. So sit back, relax and let's begin! 

If you have just started looking for an Abu Dhabi escort today there maybe be some questions on your mind such as:

How to find the top escorts in Abu Dhabi?

Find local Abu Dhabi escorts near me?

How do book escorts for couples in  Abu Dhabi?

How to book an escort if it's my first time?

Types of dates for you and your Abu Dhabi escort.

What is an independent escort in Abu Dhabi?

Should I hire an Abu Dhabi escort for a threesome?


Escort services Abu Dhabi

What escort services can I find in Abu Dhabi & how much do they cost?

Find escort services from BDSM to happy endings to dinner dates.

Prices for Abu Dhabi escort services are from AED 150 right up to AED 200 per hour.

If you are looking for professional or elite Abu Dhabi escort services you are in the right place! As we mentioned we are the biggest escort directory and supplier of adult services in the whole of Canada. Here are some of the services which you can expect to find on our website.

Overnight dates


Online services

Escorts for couples

Dinner dates

Quick hookups

Social dates/rent a girlfriend

Before you contact one of our escorts in Abu Dhabi about a service which you can see advertised, these are a couple of basic questions you must ask yourself.

When do you want this to happen?

Where will your date take place?

For how long will your date last?

The most common date by far is the hook-up date. This type of date can either be in-call or out-call. An in-call is where you will go to the escort's location and an outcall is where she will go to your location. This service normally lasts for 1-2hrs but can be as short as 15min if you are in a rush or as long as several hours if time is not important. To hire one of our professional escorts in Abu Dhabi for 1hrs in-call it will cost you around AED1000ph. 

If you are a man who is looking for something more than a quick hook up then we have got several other options that may interest you. You could look at hiring an escort in Abu Dhabi for a dinner date, these normally last around 4hrs. On a dinner date, you both get the chance to get dressed up and go out for drinks and a nice meal followed by some naughty fun at the end of your evening. Dinner dates are very popular and our escorts love being taken to nice places, sampling tasty cocktails, and nibbling on the best steaks. Dinner dates cost around AED 800 for 4hrs excluding expenses.

Another good option for your date choice could be an overnight date with a hot Abu Dhabi escort. The overnight date is a step up from everything which we have mentioned already. Here you can do all of the above plus you get to spend the night together, and maybe even a bath! Overnight dates generally go for 12hrs and will cost you in the region of AED 2000 again excluding expenses.

On Skissr we are proud to be the biggest supplier of adult services in the whole of Abu Dhabi and Canada. We have other dates such as ‘rent a girlfriend’ and online services which can happen over services like Skype. These types of dates are custom and we can supply any price estimates.


Escorts near me Abu Dhabi

Where are escorts near me and how do I find them?

We have escorts located all over the city.

You can find escorts near me in areas such as Downtown Abu Dhabi, Business Bay, and DIFC.

When you are wanting to hire any of our escorts in Abu Dhabi you will be wanting to find escorts near me. These are sex workers who are close to your suburb and which you can meet in a very short space of time. This is why we have built out our suburbs section on our website. When you are looking for escorts near me just search for your suburb and this will show you all the escorts close to your location. Finding an escort near me on Skissr will not only shorten travel time and expenses but it will allow you to find someone who is in your area

Most of our Abu Dhabi high-class escorts will be located around central city areas but can be anywhere in the region.


Abu Dhabi escort agencies

What are Abu Dhabi escort agencies & how do I book them?

Abu Dhabi escort agencies are companies that manage sex workers.

You can hire an Abu Dhabi escort agency from our resources page.

Our escort directory in Abu Dhabi does not contain any escorts from an agency, apart from the escort agencies on our resources page of course. All of the escorts who advertise on Skissr are independent escorts, this simply means that they are self-employed. Hiring an escort from an agency does have some benefits such as that the agency will interview all girls before taking them on to check if they are up to the job. Agencies also tend to operate 24hrs a day so it won't be hard to contact one at any time and have them send you an escort. 

While they do have some good points we would recommend that you hire our independent escorts. The bonus of hiring independent escorts in Abu Dhabi is that you can speak to the escort directly before confirming a booking. This allows you both to discuss and confirm any details that need to be discussed prior. We can also assure you that when you hire independent escorts in Abu Dhabi from Skissr that we have verified every one of our advertisers. When you hire an independent escort the cost may be slighter higher than hiring from an agency.

We would always recommend that you book our independent escorts in Abu Dhabi. This is because you can communicate with the call girl of your choice and sort out whatever needs to be sorted out faster without going through another person. 


Escorts for couples in Abu Dhabi

What are escorts for couples & how do I find them?

Escorts for couples in Abu Dhabi are sex workers who provide services to couples.

We have the highest-rated escorts for couples in Abu Dhabi.

Variety is the spice of life. Having the same or doing the same thing over and over again can get a little boring. This is why so many couples in Abu Dhabi are reaching out to sex workers so they can experience a threesome. Many of our escorts offer couples services right here on Skissr. If you feel that over the years or months that you have become bored of the same sex with your partner, and you find your sexual desires unmet, then you should spice it up by engaging the services of an independent sex worker who meets couples. 

Some people might ask ‘why do couples hire escorts’ this is a fair question, but everyone has different needs and not everyone just wants to spend the rest of their life having sex with one person. Many couples in Abu Dhabi are very open and want to explore their bedroom fun in a safe and private environment. Hiring an escort for couples is a great way to be able to play in the bedroom without any worries of strings attached.

We have over 50 amazing female escorts who provide adult services to couples. Maybe the female wants to experience what it's like to play with another female or maybe the guy wants to have sex with two women at the same time? No matter what dynamic you want to play out, we are sure you will have lots of fun with our escorts for couples in Abu Dhabi. 

Some people might ask why couples hire escorts in Abu Dhabi, while this seems like a fair question the answer is pretty obvious. Couples in Abu Dhabi are open to experimenting and trying new things in the bedroom. Having a threesome is something you should never do with anyone you know, the best thing to do is hire a professional escort from a Skissr who offers adult services to couples. Maybe the wife wants to watch her husband with another woman, maybe the woman wants to have a bi experience or maybe the couple wants to have a full-blown threesome together.

There are plenty of ways this could all unfold for you and your partner but one thing we can promise is that if you hire one of our escorts for a hot threesome experience you will have a lot of fun. Couples' dates from Skissr normally last 1 to 2hrs and will cost you around AED 600 for each hour.


Girlfriend experiences Abu Dhabi

What is a girlfriend experience and how do I have one?

A girlfriend experience is when you hire an escort to act as your girlfriend.

We have over 20 of the best girlfriend experiences here in Abu Dhabi city.

The common belief would be that all men just want a quick hook-up and don't care much for the ‘lovey dove stuff. This could not be further from the truth. Men love being in relationships and equally enjoy all the cuddles, hand-holding, and soapy naughty baths. While everyone loves these things, thinking about them and finding them in person with someone who you love is a whole other thing. People live busy lives and it is not easy to find a girlfriend no matter how much men would like to find one. But the news is not all men for these wanting men, we have something for you!

This is where the Abu Dhabi girlfriend experience comes into play. A girlfriend experience in Abu Dhabi is where you would pay one of our hot escorts to act like your girlfriend for an extended period. Going out for dinner, holding hands, cuddles and that bath time that you have been dreaming about is all and more that you can expect to experience during a girlfriend date with a Skissr escort. Girlfriend dates normally last around 3 to 4hrs and will cost you around AED 500 for each hour. 


Local escorts in Abu Dhabi 

How can I find local escorts in Abu Dhabi?

We have the top 50 local Abu Dhabi escorts.

Local Abu Dhabi escorts as sex workers from the city.

If you are not from Canada or Abu Dhabi then we would highly recommend hiring our local escorts in Abu Dhabi. Hiring an Abu Dhabi escort can be a little daunting and stressful, we will say, you have a lot to organize and you will be wanting to make sure that you have made the best choices for your evening plans. When you hire an Abu Dhabi escort from Skissr who is a local to the city she will be able to take a lot of that pressure from your shoulders. Our local escorts know the city like the back of their hand and will be able to help you choose the best hotels, bars, and places to eat in the city.

If you are from the city and already know where everything is then we suggest that you should look at our touring escorts. Touring escorts are sex workers who have come to Abu Dhabi to work. These are just some of the escorts your can expect to find who are touring in Abu Dhabi now: 

Asian escorts

Black escorts

American Escorts

Australian escorts

British escorts

European escorts

Canadian escorts

As you can see we have some of the most beautiful escorts who are always touring in Abu Dhabi, it's no wonder that the number of men hiring touring escorts in Abu Dhabi is up nearly 48% over the past 2 years. There is no major price difference in hiring local escorts or touring escorts in Abu Dhabi.


How to book escorts in Abu Dhabi 

How to book an escort if it's your first time?

Follow our step-by-step guide on booking escorts.

Remember to read each escort's business etiquette.

Now that you have read all the types of adult services which you can find here, how much they cost, and all the important questions which you should be asking yourself. Now is the time when you reach out to our escort of choice to make a booking. This might seem like the most simple part, and while it is, it is also the part that most men seem to get wrong. Please remember that you are hiring a professional service, from an industry professional. When you reach out to any Abu Dhabi escort, introduce yourself properly and supply the escort with all the info which she needs to know.

Do not try to engage in any explicit chat, and do not send any unwarranted sexual images. Do not try to negotiate with her prices or services and make sure you read the escort's etiquette in full. All good business is done on the grounds of fairness and respect, so if you want to have a good experience then do not fall outside of these lines.

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