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Skissr Guidelines

Always following our guidelines when contacting Skissr members to have the best possible experience

Hiring a service provider of Skissr is no different than hiring any other professional service. All our members are professional workers and will only engage with those who show the upmost respect when you contact them. While every service provider has their own set of rules and business etiquette which you should always follow, we have provided some essential rules of engagement. If you want to have the best possible experience with the person of your choice then please read through this info in detail to keep yourself right.

Be Respectful, Be kind!

What to do!

  • Shower before.
  • Be on time.
  • Pay on arrival.
  • Remember boundaries.
  • Be highly respectful.

What not to do!

  • Do not say 'Hi' or 'You free' ... introduce yourself properly.
  • Do not ask for more photos or face pictures if not displayed.
  • Do not call any provider on a private number. 
  • Do not try and negotiate prices or service offerings.

  • Never ask a sex worker to provide sex without a condom.

A story of the perfect client

Andrew decides he wants to hire an escort in 3 weeks for his birthday. He reads though all the profiles and finds the lucky person he wants to meet. Before contacting them Andrew reads the escorts profile in full and is aware of the rates, availability and etiquette. He contacts the escort with a full introduction including his name, booking request time and date and some brief info about what he wants. The provider accepts his booking request and Andrew pays his deposit right away. On the day before Andrew confirms everything is in order. He arrives to the hotel, freshly shower and perfectly on time to meet the lovely service provider. The pair have a fantastic evening and finish their date sharp at 9pm. They say their thanks and leave. Andrew has had the perfect date and leaves a lovely review to say thanks.

A story of the not so perfect client

Jessica is wants to do something special for her birthday next month and decides she wants to hire a male escort. As she browses the list of males she quickly takes down multiple numbers and sends a message 'Hi' without reading any of the info on the profiles. After countless back and fourth messages to many escorts she finally decides to book one of the men while she wasted the time of the others. She doesn't want to send a deposit and she only wants to book 30mins which is not something the escort offers. After lots of negotiating she finally sends a deposit. On the build up to the booking she messages the guy everyday and requires his time even though they are not together. On the evening Jessica arrives 15mins late and is in no rush to leave when the date has concluded.

Your number will be reported

When reaching out to any service provider on our website always treat them with the upmost respect if you want them to reply and accept your booking. Follow the rules, respect the service providers and you will have a great experience. Skissr has a special tool that allows escorts to report numbers of clients who were abusive, rude or intentionally set out to break the rules. This means that if you break the rules with one user your number will most likely get blocked by other escorts and your booking requests will never get accepted again. We have a very close nit community on Skissr and strive to protect our advertisers at all times. 

Always respect the rules!

All good business is done on mutual terms of respect and fairness. If you want to have an amazing experience then make sure you follow the rules and business etiquette at all times!

Skissr's Etiquette

Our platform aims to help and advise clients on how to do business with service providers from all over the world.  We want to make the experience for you and your partner as easy as possible. 

Escort's Etiquette

While we have provided the industry standard way of doing business every advertiser on our platform is self employed and runs their own business. Every person will have different rules you must follow.