Different types of massages


14th August , 2021


Different Types of Intimate Massages

A massage is when a person, referred to as a masseuse, uses parts of his or her body, usually hands, feet, and forearms, to rub the body parts of another person. The rubbing is done with the help of a lubricant, such as a specific oil, which reduces friction and is targeted to stimulate blood flow to the surface of the skin and easing the muscles.

There are no limitations of gender and both masseuse and the receiver can be of any gender.

Since a massage is done directly onto the body, with enough exposing and touching of body parts, it in itself is an intimate thing. You can get a massage from a spa or you can have it at home with your partner.

The massage will not only be helpful to release tension, feel relaxed, and improve overall health, it will also help you have a stronger bond with your partner. It may or may not be sexual in nature but it is very much likely to become sexual as the intimacy, mood, relaxed state, and improved blood flow leads to it.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the most intimate types of massage, including what they involve.

Types of Intimate Massages:

  • Swedish Massage:

A Swedish massage is probably the most popular type of massage, aimed at relaxing the body and easing up the muscles.

In this type, the masseuse uses a little bit of force to roll out the muscles of the body, rather than making gentle and relaxing strokes. The force with muscles relaxing and the receiver feels fresh afterward.

It is a great choice to treat your partner especially after a long day or week and will definitely earn you some brownie points.


  • Shiatsu Massage:

Shiatsu massage has a Japanese origin, Japanese traditional treatments to be particular.

In this type of massage, specific areas are targeted and the focus is more on nerves than muscles.

The massage is carried out by tracing nerves and pressure points and massaging them to relax them and release their tension. These pressure points work well to increase overall blood flow in the body, giving a more relaxed feeling after the massage.


  • Tantric Massage:

Tantric massage has an Indian origin, from Kama Sutra to be particular. A tantric massage is aimed at achieving a long-lasting state of relaxation and goes more in-depth than other massages.

It begins with general relaxing for which the masseuse applies oil on the body of the receiver and spreads it with hands. The spreading involves gentle stroking so that the receiver gets into the mood.

The highlight of this massage is that it uses different positions to target different areas of the same body part. Different positions also allow a little release of tension in the joints, hence, giving a long-lasting state of “tantra”.


  • Soapy Massage:

Soapy massage includes the masseuse and the receiver going into the shower together. The masseuse can or cannot be naked as per the preference and the receiver can also choose to strip the masseuse as the massage goes on.

The lubricant used in this massage is primarily soap but it also includes some essential oils for extra benefits. Rather than deep massaging, the masseuse relaxes the body by leathering it with soap and gives gentle and sensual strokes for stimulation.

The water can be hot or cold as per the preference and does the rest of the job for the masseuse of deep stimulation of the body.


  • Nuru Massage:

Unlike others, Nuru massage is designed to be sexual in nature as the masseuse has to be naked in it as soon as the massage begins.

The masseuse beings with applying oil on his or her body, getting it nicely lubricated. Then the masseuse will do the same to the receiver.

Nuru massage is not restricted to any body part as is often referred to as body to body massage because the masseuse uses his or her body to massage the receiver, by rubbing, gliding, sliding it over the body of the receiver.

A Nuru massage is inevitable to end up with sex but it adds to that as well because the sexual energy keeps building up throughout the massage until one cannot take it anymore and goes for it. The orgasm afterward can also heighten the effects of the massage. But you can also opt to not have sex if you want.


  • Yoni Massage:

Yoni massage is more specific than other types of massage. The receiver has to be someone with a vagina for this kind of massage as “Yoni” translates to “a sacred space or temple”, often used to refer to a vagina.

The masseuse can be of any sex as per the preference. Yoni massage targets the erogenous zones of a woman, pelvic region, and vagina to be specific.

The massage involves the application of a lubricant around that area and includes gentle massaging of the vulva, pubic region, and other areas around it using fingers and hands. The strokes are usually gentle and sexually stimulating. 

The massage also includes thighs, inner thighs, hips, and lower back with a little intense massaging. The goal is to build up the sexual tension to its peak as the massage acts as foreplay.

The massage then ends with a super intense, highly anticipated, and long-awaited orgasm that makes the body feather-light and relaxed after it.


  • Lingam Massage:

Translating to a “wand of light”, Lingam is used to refer to a male penis. A lingam massage is just the opposite of a yoni massage and has to be performed with a male as the receiver.

The masseuse again can be of any gender. The area targeted in Lingam massage is the genital region, tip, shaft, and testicles to be particular. However, the massage is not just limited to that and also includes the prostate, pubic region, hips, and thighs.

The Lingam massage begins with lubricating the area and is carried out using multiple types of strokes across the region using different angles and pressures. 

The goal of this massage is the same as yoni massage, to build sexual tension to its peak and releasing it to leave the receiver feather-light.