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10th August , 2021

The oldest profession in the world, as we guessed has been around a long time. Back in the day when escorting was first recorded was 2400 BCE. These records seem to describe brothel type places which were run by Sumerian priests in the city of Uruk. This kakum or widely known now as a temple was dedicated to the goddess Ishtar and was home to 3 grades of women. A lot has changed since those times but then again a lot has stayed the same. Brothels are plentiful in Australia but thankfully there is no more such thing as tiering women, as all women should be treated equally of course.

While there is no shortage of brothels in Australia, especially in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne things have gotten a little more advanced. When the internet came into existence in 1983 no one knew the implications it would have globally. Every industry exploded overnight and they all established a strong online presence. Newspapers moved online and then became the rise of the directories. With business directories came the services and with the services came the adult industry. Over the past 20 years or so things have pretty much stayed the same. Basic escort directories came about in their plenty and service providers were able to find a new safer place to advertise their services.

Escort directories are now the number one places to find independent escorts. Workers have control over their profiles and being able to offer their services without having to leave their homes was partly due to their adult directories' massive success. Escorts can apply and have an online advert up in an escort directory within a few hours and be visible to thousands of potential clients. 

While this is all well and good and has done the job well for many years the adult directory has kind of hit a stalemate. Nothing has changed, grown or placed the generic adult directory. With Skissr we are changing this and creating a new kind of escort presence. Not just an escort directory in Australia where you post a simple ad and forget about it, but a central hub for everything adult. We want to build a social media platform for adults where you can engage with clients, buy and sell items, find photographers and much much more.

Having your business sprawled across many locations online can be hard to keep track of, never mind costly, plus many of these adult directories are only good in one location. This is not very beneficial when you want to tour internationally. Imagine living in Sydney and deciding you want to go spend a few weeks in Las Vegas before moving on to New York and then Toronto. Life would be so much easier if you could manage all of this from your one escort directory rather than having to sign up and post ads in multiple websites and locations.

See what we are doing is condensing everything that one might need in order to run a local, national or international escorting career. At Skissr we will be your central hub for everything adult. We aim to make your life easier, reduce your costs and most of all deliver you clients that you want to be connected with. Our aim is to build an escort directory with quality over quantity. To put people over profits and to deliver the best possible experience in every way. So where might we find this awesome

So where might we want this awesome escort directory we hear you say. We can find our escort directory all over Australia. We have started to gain traction in cities such as Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. SEO is a long road and no matter how much you want it to go faster you just have to keep playing by the rules and eventually you will work your way to the top. In addition to advertising in all the cities in Australia we also have built out many suburban pages. Suburbs such as Manly, Cronulla and Parramatta in Sydney and Docklands, Coburg and Essendon in Melbourne are all places where you can find our adult directory.